Our Relationship with YNHH

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Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital will be expanding rather dramatically over the next ten years resulting in greatly increased demand for assistance to children and families receiving specialized care. In an effort to ensure vital support for these children and families during and after surgery, Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital has agreed to provide significant support to raise funds for the new 37 bedroom House. They have donated 2.5 acres directly adjacent to the Children’s Hospital; will purchase our existing Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut; and will pay all project costs for approximately 1/3 of the new House. Without this support, the need for a new House would never be more than a “dream”. Now, Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut is in need of committed supporters to become donors and make this project a reality. It is only with everyone stepping up and becoming contributing members, that Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut can anticipate opening the new House in 2015.

The new Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut is an opportunity to bring together two premier service organizations, Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House Charities of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts to respond to:

  • Innovations in health care
  • Development of a new and refreshed model for how Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut can both provide hospitality to families and convalescence for sick children recovering from surgery.

Evolving Needs and New Realities

The enduring mission of the Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut – to provide a comfortable and supportive environment for families facing the devastating illness of a child – has never wavered, but in recent years, the needs of guests have changed significantly. The prohibitive cost of hospitalization combined with remarkable medical advances have dramatically changed the lengths of stay required for outpatient care. Those changes require a new and different Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut.

As young children live at the House for many weeks or months following surgeries, organ transplants, during chemotherapy, or while participating in clinical trials the need for an updated facility has become critical. Today, long-term guests account for more than one-third of the total nights spent at the House. Families stay for 4-6 months, with children normally hospitalized for only a fraction of that time.

Cutting-edge pediatric services at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, namely the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and the Newborn Special Care Unit (both the only ones of their kind in the state), are creating new and increased demands on the House, including the need for multiple specialized rooms for immune-suppressed children. Families have been forced to seek alternate accommodations because the House cannot provide for their need for isolation facilities.

While these changes present challenges for the Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut, they also create an exciting opportunity to provide a more sophisticated facility, with ample space and a warm, loving environment for children during their rigorous and often extensive treatments.

  • Long-term guests account for 1/3 of the total nights spent at the House.
  • Families often stay for 4-6 months, which children only hospitalized for a fraction of that time.
  • Families are being turned away because of a lack of special isolation facilities for children with immuno-suppressed conditions.