The Story of Victor Luis Garcia Gilis

ana familyOn February 23rd of 2013, I came home from work at midnight and found my six year old son with muscle pain, fever, and vomiting. I asked if he have used the bathroom and he replied that it has been days since he used the bathroom. I took him to the emergency room, where the doctors took him in for a week but did not say why Victor Luis was feeling this way. Without hesitance, I asked them to stop and I took him to another city where, thank God, they have attended to my son properly and fast.  In three days, they have found out what was going on with Victor Luis; Biphenotypic acute leukemia. The medical staff tells me that this is the early stages, and with chemotherapy and steroids he should get better. During the time, everything was going smoothly; towards Victor Luis’ end of treatment, the medical staff has decided to have him for observation quarterly.

Unfortunately, on April 14th of 2015, I had to take him back to the hospital because of his fever, pain, and other symptoms. The doctors have kept him under observation.  The results came in with Pancytopenia, and the medics have decided to test him again. They chose to test his bone marrow to see how high his level of leukemia is. When the results came back, the doctor told me that he still has cancer. So, with that, I looked up towards heaven and held my son with pain and sadness. I prayed to God for strength and a solution for her son to live. I asked the doctor, what can he do, which they responded that with a transplant, he can be cured. I was in despair. I asked, what is a transplant? The doctor proceeded to explain that it is an operation of life and death and since I have two other children, they can be observed for a bone marrow transplant.

I knew it was my job as his mother to ask, question, and do every possibility for her children with the help of St. Jude Foundation. I decided to have my children take the special test.  How great is God, the tests came 100% positive from a woman who is very generous. Without thinking, I decided to find her and call her, and thanks to God, the young woman picked up, listened and she has studied Victor Luis’ case for year. Now I had to wait for the hospital to call from the United States for the transplant and treatment for my son, and she will be forever grateful for God. After waiting for three months, they arrive to the United States on August 23rd of 2016 for our referral from Yale Hospital. They have accommodated our stay with Ronald McDonald House.

With appointments and exams, on September 19th, the hospital proceeded with chemo and radiology for Victor Luis. On the 26th of that month, at seven in the morning, approximately, they took my daughter and Victor’s sister, Nayyelyn, to the operation room to extract the bone marrow for her Victor Luis. I was very nervous because one was internal and the other was but thanks to God who is all great for giving the young mother great strength, for supporting everything that has happened, because she had faith and hope that anything is possible. Around 3:20 in the afternoon, the doctors came to transfer the bone marrow cell to Victor Luis; and the doctors tell me that they have extracted 14 millions of cell from Nayyelyn. Months pass by, and Victor has been stable and has appointment and frequent observations which the doctors. They have said that his body has good responses with the transplant. With the new year of 2017, a new life, thanks to God, with still keep heading on and keep on looking towards the future.