Yesenia Del Rosario Monsanto

april-family-cornerGirlsYesenia Del Rosario Monsanto is 17 years old, she came from Curaçao to the U.S, on November 14th 2011. Yesenia was born with bowed legs and at the age of four she had her first surgery. She was hospitalized for six months with an infection and the doctors wanted to amputate. Her mother refused and walked to a local hospital to find a program to help Yesenia and found Shriner’s. After some time she was approved and with the assistance of American Airlines, Yesenia and her mom arrived in Springfield, MA. Yesenia’s mom was with her for the first three months here until she needed to go back home. Yesenia’s older sister Genevieve stepped up, quitting her job and arrived along with her two year old daughter Kesia. After a few complications, Yesenia and her family remained with us at the Ronald McDonald House of Springfield until she was ready to go home late last year.