Sierra Correa

2016_fall_newsletter_family-storyMy name is Sierra Correa I have a 10 month old named Jah‘niya Thomas. I was about 6 months pregnant when I first found out my daughter would have club feet. I was heartbroken, but I knew there was a God above and he only gave challenges to those who are strong. The first 6 months after Jah’niya was born were okay. When Jah’niya started to crawl and wanted to walk it was so hard for us. Jah’niya would try her best to stand so she could walk, but it was too much pain for her. Jah’niya’s doctor referred her to Shriner’s Childrens hospital in Massachusetts. Staying at the Ronald McDonald House is awesome. It has great families that I get to bond with. Staying at the house I get to meet kids with similar needs like Jah’niya. Now I no longer feel like I am alone. Jah’niya has been to 3 appointments so far and the nurses and doctors are awesome. O love how they try their best to keep her calm at all times. With the help from the Ronald McDonald House and Shriner’s Children’s Hospital I know Jah’niya and I will be fine.