Catholic Charity League

Monday Meals with Catholic Charity League

In 2010, the Catholic Charity League (CCL) invited a representative of Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut (RMHCT) to speak to their organization members.  After hearing about the various needs at RMHCT and the opportunities to get involved, CCL members decided that providing meals fit their mission “to provide assistance to those in need in the greater New Haven area.”

‘Monday Meals’ started at the Ronald McDonald House on George Street, with food for 25 guests. With up to 40 guests at the new House, “We challenged ourselves to meet the need and grew our participation. CCL’s members have a wonderful tradition of helping others, there are over 60 members along with family and friends involved in this project,” shared Janet Barese, CCL member.

When asked why, 9 years later, they continue to provide Monday Meals, their answer was clear. It’s all for the families. Janet recalls one occasion, dropping of their Monday Meal, and chatting with a parent. “She told us about parents gathering late in the evening, after returning from the hospital, and sharing their stories while snacking on what we brought for dinner.  We can all identify with gathering around the kitchen table and the comfort that brings,” said Janet. “We (members of CCL) take great pleasure in being recognized as the Monday Meal group and being able to deliver meals to Ronald McDonald House every Monday evening. We encourage other organizations to get involved and realize the benefits participating brings in return.”