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A Mother's Love

On May 9th, we recognize and thank the special women in our lives for the unconditional love they provide to us and to their families.

Every day, we see first-hand the special role that mothers play in the lives of their children. We witness their strength and determination in taking care of their children, especially when they are sick or injured.

This Mother’s Day, consider making a gift in celebration of a special person in your life while helping the moms of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

Your generosity touches the lives of moms every day who could not be by their children’s side without your help.

What is it that keeps Ronald McDonald House moms strong?

It is the relief in knowing their family is by their side, along with a Ronald

McDonald House community of supporters lifting them up.

Together, with your continued generosity, we can ensure moms feel supported and can find strength in knowing that their lodging, laundry, meals and every day needs are taken care of.

Stronger Together (Parker and Peyton’s Story)

Jordan was surprised and excited to find out early on that she was pregnant with identical twins. She was also thrilled that her 10-year-old son, Kaiden, would get to be a big brother.

However, she knew something was not right early on when she became extremely nauseous and swollen.

At 15 weeks, Jordan had an ultrasound that revealed her boys were battling a complicated case of Twin-to-twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), a rare but serious condition that can occur in pregnancies when identical twins share a placenta.

“I was overcome with numbness when I heard the news and was given three options. One scenario was a procedure to save one twin, the next was to do nothing, but there was a very low survival rate, and the last option was an intrauterine surgery that would provide a 50/50 chance for both twins to survive.”

Shocked and scared, Jordan knew that surgery was the best option to save both of her babies.

After bravely undergoing surgery, she received promising news that both babies had survived.

Jordan was able to return home, until around 26 weeks’ gestation when she began having contractions. She was admitted to the hospital, where they discovered that the babies’ heartrates were dropping.

Within 4 minutes of entering the operating room, twins, Parker and Peyton, were delivered.

Parker and Peyton, weighing just over a 1lb each, would need to remain in the NICU until they were stable enough to return home.

Newly discharged, Jordan was overcome with relief when she learned that she could stay close by at the Ronald McDonald House with her son Kaiden, until her twins were well enough to return home. “I have family members who had used the Ronald McDonald House and sang their praises, so when I found out that it was an option, I felt much more at ease.”

“The Ronald McDonald House is the best. You feel welcomed the moment you walk through the door. From the welcome basket on my bed and the toys for my son, Kaiden, to the smiles and the greetings from staff. It felt like a second home.”

“Going through an emergency C-section was traumatic and not being able to bring my babies home afterwards was an isolating feeling. However, I never had a feeling of loneliness while staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Talking with the other families going through similar situations brought me so much comfort.”

“With so many uncertainties throughout my pregnancy, and in the world with the pandemic, the Ronald McDonald House gave me balance. A place where I didn’t have to worry, I could just take a break from it all and smile. I don’t know where I would have mentally been for that month without the Ronald McDonald House.”

“Seeing how the donations go to work in helping families like me so we have a ‘home-away-from-home’ means so much more than anyone can ever put into words. The Ronald McDonald House brings such a light to hundreds of families each year. Having experienced all the resources the Ronald McDonald House offers, I left there feeling a sense of purpose that I want to continue giving back to this place.”

Your continued generosity will provide a beacon of hope to moms, like Jordan, ensuring they have all the resources they need so they have the strength to focus on the health of their children.

We realize that it has been a challenging year for all, and we are sincerely grateful for your continued support.