Wednesday Night Bingo

Wednesday Night Bingo at Ronald McDonald House of CT
Written by Debbie, RMH Volunteer since 2011

Volunteer Debbie and House guest calling bingo numbers.

Wednesday nights at Ronald McDonald House are all about Bingo! Moms, Dads, grandparents, brothers and sisters gather together with other families staying at the House for a lighthearted break in the all too familiar routine. Mutual understanding forms strong bonds and many friendships are made through the shared experiences of caring for an ill child.

While the group waits in the dining room for Bingo to get started, you can often hear exchanges about that day’s medical procedure or status updates, but you can also hear talk of hometowns, favorite TV shows, sports and hobbies. They talk about the common, everyday things that connect us all.

As the Bingo night volunteer, I’m so grateful to be a part of this weekly hour or two in families’ lives. I’m grateful for the children who assist in spinning for balls and calling out numbers. I think for us all, it’s a time to take a break and enjoy each other’s company. They are able to put aside the worries of the day-if only for a moment-and share a smile, laugh a little, and jump for joy after winning a gift card!

My hope is that the Bingo experience offers families at the Ronald McDonald House just a little reprieve and fun to help carry them through this time.

Finally, I’ll disclose a few secrets about our Wednesday night bingo games:

  1. We have multiple winners for every game.
  2. Sometimes we use Hershey’s Kisses as markers – but you can’t eat them until the games are over.
  3. Everyone who plays wins something!
  4. We tell family-friendly jokes in between games that are usually pretty silly, but make people chuckle.