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Collecting pop tabs is a fun and easy way to support Ronald McDonald House of Charities of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. It’s easy! All you need to do is remove the pop tab from each can before you put the can in your recycle bin. It’s fun! You can involve community groups and your family in supporting the cause without a lot of effort. It takes only a moment to help raise money that funds the operations of our Houses.

What do you do with the tabs?

Every other month, we take a truck load of tabs to a local recycling center. The tabs are weighed and we are paid the market rate per pound of aluminum. Approximately 1,200 tabs make up a pound.

Which tabs do you accept?

We accept non-magnetic aluminum tabs typically found on soda cans, pet food cans, and soup cans. You can determine if a tab is aluminum by using a magnet. If the tab sticks to a magnet, it’s NOT aluminum.

Who collects tabs for the Houses?

Everyone from students to senior citizens can collect tabs. Many individuals save tabs, as do schools, work places, civic clubs, scout troops and senior centers. Donors receive an acknowledgement and thank you from our Houses.

What do you do with the money raised from tabs collections?

All of the money is used for the Ronald McDonald Houses to support families staying with us while their children are undergoing medical treatment.

How do we get the tabs to your Houses?

Each group is responsible for turning in their collected pop tabs. We encourage local groups to call ahead and arrange for a House tour so that you are able to see how your fundraising efforts help the families here.


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