The Combs Family

RMH CT Combs Family17 year-old Theresa Combs had not been feeling well since the birth of her son, Charlie. Doctors diagnosed her with anemia but still, something was off. The doctor took labs to check her hemoglobin levels. A short 30 minutes later, the doctor came in to explain her levels were very low, at only 5.7. On June 28, 2017, Theresa was diagnosed with leukemia. Quickly, she was transferred to Yale-New Haven Hospital in hopes of starting treatment to make the cancer go away. Theresa’s parents, Victoria and Jeffery, along with her fiancé James and 8 month-old son Charlie, traveled back and forth for months before coming to the Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut. There have been many bumps in the road and sometimes, it seemed like there was no hope, but Theresa has pushed through and is now on the road to recovery with her family! Victoria and Jeffery stated: “The Ronald McDonald House has made it easier on our family. We are directly across the street. If there is an emergency, we do not have to drive almost an hour to the hospital. It took a lot of stress off the traveling. We save so much money on gas. Being so close to Yale makes it even easier for Theresa to be an outpatient. We save money with all the groups coming to make homemade meals. Our daughter is a true miracle with all she has been through.” When Theresa was asked about our house and if we made a difference to her family, she simply said “Ronald McDonald House has been heaven sent.”