Student Volunteers at Baypath

baypathvolunteersOver the past few months we have had the utmost pleasure of having a group of four young women from Baypath University volunteer here as part of a Service Learning Project. After I initially met each of these women prior to them starting here, I could tell from the sparkle in each of their eyes that they all had something extremely special to share with the RMH!  These women brought their talents and strengths together as they worked as a team and quickly became a part of our family here at the RMH of Springfield!
The children and families here have all connected with these four women in various ways and the interactions they have with each other is truly a delight to watch! On Friday nights and Saturday afternoons and occasionally during the week these four Baypath volunteers have been visiting the House with bright smiles on their faces, always going above and beyond! They threw theme parties like Carnival Night for the families as well as ran weekly activities every Saturday hosting different arts and crafts projects, creating beautiful journals and every time they came to the House they also came fully prepared to cook a home-made meal for all of the families staying here. Not only did these four ladies shine through their personalities, but they also shined through every activity they did here and every meal they cooked!

One of our favorite projects they did is a large canvas painting of a tree with everyone’s hand prints dipped in paint and signed like a family tree which we will be hanging up in the House for all of our visitors to see! I am extremely happy to announce that these four incredible student volunteers have all decided to stay with us and be a part of our Volunteer Committee which means they will be continuing to host activities as well as cook meals for the families here on a consistent basis!

“The RMH has become my happy place!  I am proud to have become a part of RMH and know that this experience has changed my life.”   -Allison