RMH Springfield – Rovelina & Massi

Why we are here… Rovelina and Massi MA

Rovelina’s smile and laughter are contagious and lights up the entire room.  She is a 17-year-old young lady who is bound to a wheelchair because of physical challenges.   She is not able to get around without the support of her wheelchair or her mom, and her eyes are failing her as well.  Yet, she is the first one to always say good morning, good afternoon and good evening with a smile that’s worth a million dollars.

Massimiliano, who likes to be called Massi, has undergone several surgeries on his legs.  At any given time, you can hear and see him practicing his therapy, determined to get better.  Massi, who is 19 years old, is an up-and-coming musical artist who has been practicing his craft since the age of 11.   With the support of his dad and his loving mom who are both in the TV business, Massi has been able to post some of his original lyrics on YouTube for the world to hear.

We have so many stories just like Rovelina’s and Massi’s, who come through the doors at 34 Chapin Terrace in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Over the past 27 years, 12,150 families have crossed our threshold, sharing their own stories, touching our hearts – they will forever leave a lasting impression on all who stay at the House.

Families come to the House to find comfort, support and encouragement during the most difficult times of their lives.  Upon arriving, they are assigned a guest room with a private bathroom. They are able to cook meals in our state of the art kitchen, relax in our family and play rooms.   Most importantly, connections are made between families who create support systems while staying at the House – some have even become lifetime friends after leaving.   Families leave feeling that their child is healthy and many have also created an extended family during their stay at the Ronald McDonald House.  They are forever grateful.  That is why we are here!!!