Fill our House and Make it Home

first-line: as the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital triples its visits second-line: Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut must grow third-line: to meet the demand

The Fill Our House program will ensure that our new House feels like a “Home” to all that enter. Through your generosity The Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut will continue providing a nurturing and comfortable environment for sick children, their parents and their siblings, giving the family strength to cope with their child’s illness in order to meet dire medical needs.

With each donation, you are not just donating a piece of furniture…you are providing a loving set of arms that comforts families in need of compassion and “Hope”.

Your gift will give us the resources to Fill Our House and make it “Home” with beds, pillows, bedding, sofas, dining tables, chairs, dinnerware, televisions, lamps, and all that can give the families who stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut the soothing comfort of home.

Wont’ you help us Fill our House with all the comforts of home?

Fill Our House & Make It Home

Or Send your gift to:

Attn: Fill Our House
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts
860 Howard Ave., New Haven, CT 06519