April is Volunteer Appreciation Month


April is Volunteer Appreciation Month at RMH. The House could not operate without the love, support, and compassion of our volunteers. They truly make this a “home away from home” for our families.

Mary Simeoli, House Volunteer

What is the best part of being a volunteer at RMH?

The best part of being a volunteer at RMH is knowing that whatever we do, no matter how small matters. Our work at RMH allows the parents and families of sick or seriously injured children to focus on the most important thing: their kids. Having a sick child takes a mental, emotional, and physical toll on families, and by helping their home-away-from-home, we are helping to relieve them of stress in other areas so they can put all their energy where it’s most needed.

Describe your volunteer experience in 3 words

Rewarding, fun, and a blessing

Pam Landry, House Volunteer

How did you get involved with RMH?

Two of my now adult children had serious medical illnesses growing up, which required lengthy hospitalizations and years of treatment. I learned that when a child is seriously ill it affects the entire family.  RMH offered a perfect opportunity to work for a non-profit organization that serves not only sick children, but their families as well.

What is your favorite memory of volunteering at RMH?

The first time I helped to put on a birthday party for the children in the House, I saw kids of all ages and at different stages of their treatments beaming over their gifts and cake and enjoying just being  happy children for a few hours. Although different languages were being spoken among the families during the celebration, the universal language of love and hope for our children’s welfare was evident all around, and was a high point of my day.

Lesley Colburn, Service Volunteer

What is your favorite memory of volunteering at RMH?

One of our favorite memories volunteering was preparing a home-cooked meal theme for the families. We each made a  favorite recipe from home and enjoyed a great dinner together. We spent the night playing games, dancing and telling stories.

What is the best part of being a volunteer at/for RMH?

The best part of being a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House is the opportunity to meet and spend time with amazing parents and children from all over the world. The people who work full-time at the home are incredible. As volunteers, we hope to make this challenging time in these families lives easier in any way that we can.