A New Volunteer for the House

new-volunteerAs a new volunteer I wasn’t quite sure what my role would be while volunteering at RMH. I saw that many volunteers came in and “did their thing” at the House with the kids and families. It took me a while to learn the ways of the RMH and feel like I belonged. One day, while talking with one of the house managers about things I like to do, I asked what she needed me to do for that day. She said, “you can make some muffins. I said, “I can? Really?” I didn’t know that I would be allowed to that at the House. Well that’s all it took for me to find my niche at RMH. I love to bake so just about every time I’m there I make something yummy. Sometimes its brownies, cookies, muffins and my favorite mini donuts. I bought a donut machine just to make them for RMH. Harley, who also volunteers during the same shift as me, helps each time. We both love making the donuts especially if the kids are there to help us mix the ingredients and even more so when they do the official taste testing and take bite out of a donut all covered with frosting and sprinkles. Their smiles make it all worth it and we know they love them!