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Childhood illnesses don’t take a break during the holiday season.

Children receiving complex medical treatments away from home need their family by their side more than ever during this time.

Thanks to generous supporters like you, the Ronald McDonald House is able to open its doors during the holidays, and all year long, to families so they can remain together.

With your continued support, the Ronald McDonald House will be able to welcome more families and help them remain close to one another and the medical resources they need.

More families like Mario’s.

Mario and his son play outside at the House during their very first stay in 2010.

Mario never imagined his family would need to stay at a Ronald McDonald House. He had been dropping his change in McDonald’s collection boxes since childhood. Then one day, his own son fell ill and he learned firsthand what the Ronald McDonald House provides for families in need.

“The Ronald McDonald House, where do I start? When I was in high school, friends and I would often stop for food after basketball and football games, a lot of the time at McDonald’s.  I started noticing the little donation boxes by the register and I would always put all of my change in. I did this all through high school and continued through college.

 Fast forward to April of 2010. My son Genghis, was two years old, and needed a liver transplant.

Mario and son, Genghis, catch up with families and staff during their most recent visit in October 2019.

I was able to donate the right lobe of my liver to him. And guess where we ended up staying? YES! The Ronald McDonald House! 

 We stayed at the House for about 7 months. Since then, we have had to follow up annually and get to see old friends and make new friends at the Ronald McDonald House.  The relief of having somewhere to stay that costs a fraction of what hotels are, with volunteers to help you with whatever you need, I can’t put it into words. Developing lifelong friendships with fellow house guests and staff is something my family will cherish forever. 

 To all the people that support the Ronald McDonald House with money or time, I hope you know how much you are helping family’s heal and have a way to enjoy life during life threatening medical challenges.”

-Mario, RMH guest periodically 2010-2019

More families like the Shumate’s.

The Shumate Family found a home at Ronald McDonald House on more than one occasion. Both their second and third child needed medical care that brought them to stay at RMH. The opportunity to spend those times of medical uncertainty together as a family, was everything for them.

“It means the world to our family to know that the Ronald McDonald House is our home away from home when we have to come for treatment.  We have had ongoing care for two years now for our middle child, Elizabeth.  Most recently we have also needed treatment for our newborn son, Caleb.  Every time we visit RMH it is a huge blessing to us! 

 The staff and volunteers make us feel welcomed and cared for, the delicious warm meals provided by various community groups relieve the burden of cooking and the comfortable room to sleep in gives us a place to recharge and rest. 

 All of these things allow our family to focus on the time we have together and give special attention to our child going through treatments.  We are forever grateful for and humbled by the blessing that is Ronald McDonald House.”

 -Elizabeth, Rebekah, and Caleb’s mom, RMH guests 2016-2018

While their brother Caleb received medical care, sisters Elizabeth and Rebekah were able to enjoy the House’s playroom and outdoor playground.

Families need us. We need YOU.

Donate today to ensure families have all the resources they need to lift their child’s spirits this holiday season.

YES! I want to give families the gift of togetherness.