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The last thing a family needs to worry about is if they can be together this holiday season.
Your donation provides families with the ultimate gift, the gift of togetherness.

Spencer’s Story

Spencer blowing bubbles“More than anything, the House has offered our family a sense of community. While we may go a period of weeks or months between our visits to Yale, trips there consume a part of our son’s life. Yale has given him back his childhood. And in turn, so has the Ronald McDonald House, by normalizing our hospital visits.

There’s something very special about running around on the playground or playing bingo in the dining room, surrounded with other kids who ‘get it.’ Who understand you in a way that most children can’t. It’s hard to be different… At the Ronald McDonald House, everyone is on the same playing field. Everyone is understood, and no one is different.”

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Christopher’s Story

“I found out that I was pregnant with my son Christopher when I was 2.5 months along. I also discovered that my blood pressure was elevated and I would need to be on medication. Under the circumstances of my high blood pressure and being 41 years old, it was considered a high-risk pregnancy and I was likely to go into labor a few weeks early.

I was released from the hospital a few days after giving birth to Christopher. I originally thought that we would be able to go home and travel to the hospital every day, but I quickly realized that we couldn’t be far away from him. A social worker from Baystate Medical Center referred us to the Ronald McDonald House of Springfield.”

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