Volunteer Corner – Gerri Thompson

GerriThompson-MAOver a year ago, one of the best things happened here at the Ronald McDonald House in Springfield – Gerri Thompson walked through our doors! Gerri has a deep love for children and a passion for helping others and we immediately knew that she would be a fantastic addition to our team. She has been volunteering at our Front Desk assisting with multiple tasks for well over a year now. From the day she walked in, she has had us all in constant laughter and she truly is a joy to be around! We can always count on Gerri. She consistently volunteers at the front desk at least twice a week and on days where we need last minute coverage she is always one of the first to respond and come in to help out! Particularly over the past few months when we were very busy with the holidays and special projects, Gerri played an integral role at helping to get things done on time and she always steps up to the plate when we need someone!

Aside from working at the front desk and assisting with special projects, Gerri has spent many hours helping us collate marketing packages and assisting with mailings and thank you notes. She has shown that she is available to assist the Ronald McDonald House in any way she can. We appreciate her time and kindness she brings every single time she walks through our door! Gerri is extremely gifted and an ideal volunteer who loves to interact with the families. Over the past year, she has brightened many people’s lives and she never comes without bringing a huge smile that is just contagious throughout the house. We are very lucky to have her as part of our team. Her love for our organization shines brighter than a star, and a star is exactly what Gerri is to us!