Lea’s Story

LeahMomLeah was born with a disease called Biliary Atresia which damages the liver. The doctors told us that Leah must had a liver transplant in some point of her life. On December 19th 2014, the doctors said the transplant must be done soon; although we knew that moment could come in any time we felt  the world crumbling down over us. We are a very humble family from Puerto Rico and the doctors said the transplant will be performed in Connecticut, the doctors also said the Ronald MacDonald House will take care of us, proving us a place to stay during this painful process.

Thank God and the doctors and all the people at Ronald McDonald house because my daughter is much better, 2 months later after her surgery she is a happy, funny and smart girl. Thanks God!

-Glorylin Casanova, my husband is Pedro Mulet and my daughters are Angelie Zoe Mulet  (9 years old) and Leah Zoe Mulet (1 and 10 months).