Matty’s Story

matty-ccOn December 2, I was given the worst news any parent could ever receive. My son, Matthew, had a four-centimeter tumor on his brain. It was the reason he had been sick for so many months. Within thirty minutes, we were thrust into our new lifestyle at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital. There were doctors and tests, tubes and wires. All I could do was sit back and watch them work to help my son.

Within twenty-four hours, Matthew underwent surgery. After five hours, the doctor came out and said that they had gotten it all. The next step was to find out exactly what we were dealing with.

family-corner-aprilExactly a week later we learned it was a form of cancer called Medulloblastoma. Matthew was scheduled to start treatment, thirty-one days of radiation, one month to the day that he was first diagnosed. There was so much to be done and I didn’t know what I was going to do.  I was overwhelmed at the idea of trying to figure out how to get to and from appointments. Staying at the Suites would prove too costly. I remembered that the Ronald McDonald House is in New Haven. I asked our social worker what to do. She set up a meeting with Wendy at RMH. I no longer had any worries. Matthew would get to all his appointments as security would shuttle us back and forth between RMH and the hospital.  RMH felt just like home – our room was so cozy and there was a hot meal waiting.

Everyone was so amazing, taking time every day to making sure I was okay. They call this “the house that love built” for a reason. Not only are they friends, they are family. My time at RMH has helped me through this phase of treatment and I know that the arms are still open waiting to greet us when we need to return.


Rita and Matty