Guest Story – Emil

emilEmil and his family recently arrived at the Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut.  They have traveled from Puerto Rico to seek treatment for Emil’s acute liver failure. Hopefully, one of his relatives can be a live donor and help Emil get well by donating a portion of their healthy liver to him. They will undergo several tests to see who can be a candidate and have the ability to forever change Emil’s life.  They will reside at RMHCT throughout  Emil’s treatment process of pre-procedure treatments and post-operative care and recovery.

No one can explain what a Ronald McDonald House means to families better than the families themselves. This beautiful drawing and message comes from Hector, the father in a family that has been staying at RMHCT for almost 2 years.  He has lived at RMHCT and also traveled back home for many months at a time while his son, daughter, and wife have stayed with us everyday of their 2 year journey.

Originally written in his native language of Spanish, he even translated his message to English so we could share his appreciation with everyone:

“Sometimes storms that plague our lives have us feel fear and discouragement, but God is faithful always give us a refuge even in the midst thereof as the storm passes.  The Ronald McDonald House has been the instrument God uses to comfort and cheer our souls. Thank to all workers and volunteers RMH for making our lives a special event of love, support and understanding.